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David Lee  (Introducer/Referring Agent) ; The referral service is allowed under section 1 of regulation 407/07 (Exemptions from the requirements to be licensed in Ontario, Canada

Registered Affiliate, Independent Referring Affiliate Partner and Finance Agent

***As an in dependent introducing/referral agent, please do your own DD FIRST on your side before moving forward to any funding stage with the related principle(s)***

CFG/LU US Worldwide Loan Application-Any Type of Loan/SBLC/BG/POF Application/Performing Note Buy US

International Project Funding Resources A

We would like to refer your funding lead to our 20 years old, BBB accredited business A+ financial service company - not a direct lender but rather a clearinghouse for hundreds of different funding lenders and funding sources , located in New York, USA to whom I am liaised and working directly.

They has an A+ rating on a scale of A+ to them with the BBB, which after 20 years in business they are very proud of review and work on several hundred loans each year.
They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau which, among other things, means that they have not had even ONE unresolved complaint in all of their years in business having serviced thousands of clients.

They do represent hundreds of loan, equity or venture groups* that can provide loan, equity or venture funding to start up or developmental stage companies in USA and International.  This type of funding is very subjective and they typically will offer to present the funding request to these groups if the prospective client/borrower wishes to retain their services.

*There are several hundred funding sources that they represent including standard asset based lending companies like GE Capital, smaller national as well as regional asset based lenders, specialty lenders in real estate, equipment, accounts receivable and inventory, hard money bridge lenders, cash flow (also known as mezzanine or sub debt lenders) lenders, equity sources of various kinds, groups that provide combinations of debt and equity, some regional banks that are aggressive with certain industries, construction lenders for both domestic and international projects, healthcare lenders, aircraft and ship lenders, providers of import export financing as well as letter of credit financing, purchase order finance companies, golf course lenders and groups who will discount notes or business mortgages.  Often they will need to combine two or more lenders on a project to provide the necessary funding.  The underlying similarity of all of these sources is that they will fund transactions that traditional lenders such as banks will not fund.

There is no upfront fee***

***This funding source in USA has NO upfront fees, they will review and analyze the borrower's loan request at their expense and then seek to find an appropriate lender to provide the requested funding.
Only after this process and ONLY if they are able to provide a specific proposal based on the representations made by the borrower in their loan worksheet will they present the borrower with a proposal and fee agreement wherein the borrower will decide if they want to retain us. The retainer is ALWAYS refundable if they cannot honor the agreement.***

Remarks : If project owner has 0 money to pay for due diligence then this funding source in USA can't help.

This funding source in USA  is not an angel fund or VC firm. All deals required monies for due diligence. 

Please have yourself completed and returning the enclosed Project Development Worksheet ASAP for immediate underwriting evaluation before moving forward to the next funding stage.

Remember please make sure all currency is in USD where appropriate. Please also have yourself puts all the information on the enclosed approved worksheet. Please don't send additional attachments. The worksheet is a word document so the borrower can cut and paste information directly on the worksheet.

FE is not a broker proposal farm. The goal is to get solid deal from borrower by getting the related project worksheet completed and doing due diligence to verify proof of funds and get retained so the funding source can underwrite the deal.
The borrower has to answer three basic questions ::: Loan amount? State or country of transaction? Type of transaction with use of funds?

By the way, borrower must has fund to pay the sources deposit requirements as well as they will pay FE the required retainer.

FYI ::: FE has a source that has arranged over USD 200B in deals and the success fee is paid upon a closed transaction 

Introduction Our Global Financial/Loan & Performing Note Buy In USA Services ‌ ‌

CFGUS/LU US Worldwide Loan Application - Any Type of Loan/SBLC/BG/POF Application & Performing Note Buy In USA

A. CFG Financial Group USA ( with more than two decades of financial service experience working together with CFG US lending partners around the world ) --- Borrower must visit & click ‌the following ‌ONLINE URL(s) ‌TO APPLY DIRECTLY- CFG US Related Funding Application Forms ASAP for their immediate attention and initial underwriting by CFG US.

CFG USA has partnered with a variety of financial institutions and investors to be able to offer a large scope of both pricing and service Funding/Financial Instruments & Performing Note Buy offer options ‌ ‌.

CFG US offers most of their products and services domestically and internationally, however any product dealing with real estate (such as mortgage notes) the property must be located within the US. Asset enhancement products/services such as leased financial instruments are offered globally, and is one of their specialties ‌ ‌.

CFG US goal is to enhance the ability to meet the financial needs of financing professionals while building long-lasting strategic alliances for continued ethical business relationships.

< < < Full Steam Ahead!! Your application is on its way to a CFG US loan Representative. Put your feet up and we’ll get back to you lickety-split!. Your success is our greatest compliment! ‌> > >

B. LU US --- Lendinguniverse USA is the largest integrated site of lenders in the country ‌ ‌

Lendinguniverse USA is the largest integrated site of lenders in the country. People are able to log into our site, fill out a loan application for virtually any type of loan, and get bids from up to 4 lenders. This allows them to choose the lender that is right for their loan. 

Lendinguniverse USA also has extensive directories of real estate service providers, such as Appraisers, Notary Publics, Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors. All of our basic services are FREE to borrowers and to service providers.

What do I do as a Lendinguniverse USA

You have two main objectives as an Affiliate at Lendinguniverse USA 

#1) To get people to fill out loan applications on . For each loan application they fill out and we sell to one of our qualified lenders/brokers, you get a referral fee.

#2) To get anyone you know to become an Affiliate as well. You will get referral fees from their sales as well as your own.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person, organization or establishment associated with another as a subordinate, subsidiary, or member.

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